Working at GRN

<p>Just a fraction of the goods to be stored

Just a fraction of the goods to be stored

Some of the staff working at storing everything securely
The warehouse after everything was stored

by Elise Cooper

Surely it would not fit!

A houseful of furniture, suitcases of clothing and odds and ends which had arrived on three trailers, in two cars and a van was all deposited on the floor of the GRN warehouse. Staff and volunteers ambled in and out wondering the same thing, "where is it all going to go?"

Our staff and volunteers have diverse skills. Darren, Andrew and Nellie Francis, Frank Caguin, Simon Johnston and volunteer Steve Corrigan spent a day shifting, moving and reorganizing, and a day or two later I entered a comparatively empty GRN warehouse and marveled at where all the stuff had gone.

None of it was sold or given away, it was all there, somewhere . . . awaiting the return of its owners who had to leave the country suddenly.

Darren Cooper is the Production Manager, responsible for the staff and volunteers who assemble the Saber Player, our handwind MP3 player.

In addition to this he organises the warehouse and manages the GRN property at Prospect. Job descriptions probably bear little resemblance to the number of things that go on around this place on a daily basis.

GRN is a mission and staff often step in to perform many roles they did not originally anticipate, like writing this article. "Describe what you do around here in 250 words" - an impossible task!

The seemingly 'impossible' unfinished task is what GRN is all about, "telling the story of Jesus in every language", and every single member of staff and each volunteer contributes to that vision in whatever way they are able.

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