New format for Every Language newsletter

Christine Platt - Our CEO
Christine Platt - Our CEO
At the Global Alliance Conference

by Christine Platt - CEO

Welcome to the new format of our Every Language. I hope you enjoy it.

Many factors have led to the change. So much has been happening lately that it has been impossible to keep you informed through our usual channels. My list of possible articles has been growing faster than we can write them.

Postage costs have increased significantly, and so we are now planning on sending out mail bi-monthly. This will also affect Rejoice.

I've heard from people who have said that they want us to provide a slip to fill out as it's hard to give when you no longer have a cheque book and don't do financial transactions on the internet. So the tear off slip is to make it easier for some to give.

These are the requirements that the new Every Language format is attempting to meet. We hear about wonderful things God is doing around the world and we want to tell you about it. Many things are happening here in Australia and again we want to keep you informed. We want to encourage you and inspire you to pray.

Please write to us and tell us what you think of the new format.

Global Alliance Conference - Korea

I recently spoke about GRN resources, our recordings, the Saber, picture books and 5fish, at a Global Alliance Conference in South Korea. Afterwards a young lady ran up to me and hugged me. She was so excited to meet someone who was involved in making our resources. She had used GRN recordings in North Africa. I was encouraged to hear that so many of the people at the conference had used our recordings in many different countries.

More studios ...

We have a problem at the office. We have run out of studios! Our six studios are fully utilised and we often have studio people working in the corridor. We need three more studios. With the increase in staff, we could use a small meeting room and a prayer room. We also need to replace the roof.

Please pray as we consider how best to make these additions and repairs.

Papua New Guinea

Thank you for praying. I'm really excited that God has raised up Vincent Gigmai to lead our work in PNG. He has also provided us with a wonderfully experienced and mission-focused advisory council. We held a commissioning service on 26 July. Vincent and the advisory council are taking their first steps as you read this. PNG has 870 languages and dialects with a population of about 7 million. It is one country where we have so much scope to work.

Please pray for this fledgling work as it gets going.

The Shining Light

We rejoiced in late June as the Shining Light sailed into Port Vila in Vanuatu. It was a long voyage with their water purifier and then their autopilot failing. During the last four days of the journey, the three adult crew members had to take turns manually steering the vessel. They arrived exhausted, but well.

ReachOut 2015

If you are in NSW come to ReachOut on 8-9 August at the Katoomba Christian Convention site. Bring along some young people you'd like to see enthused about missions. There are always good speakers, an opportunity to learn about the different mission societies and what you could possibly do or support, and a place to be challenged about your place in world missions.

We thank you for your interest in GRN. We hope that the stories we tell encourage your faith. We covet your prayers. Please do contact us and tell us what you think of the new Every Language format.

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