The Challenge Before Us

The GRN Bangladesh stall at the 100 years Anniversary Ceremony of Church of Bangladesh Mission at Haluaghat
The GRN Bangladesh stall at the 100 years Anniversary Ceremony of Church of Bangladesh Mission at Haluaghat
Destruction in Nepal after the earthquake
Pakistan team bringing good news
Nigeria's people fear violence if they accept gospel materials

by Christine Platt - CEO


In 2015 about 100,000 hours of Gospel recordings were downloaded from the internet in almost 5,000 different languages.

Add to this the many thousands of recordings distributed on CDs, DVDs, Micro SD cards and other media. Each recording can be listened to by many people. They can be freely copied and shared. Each one of these messages has the potential to impact the lives of their listeners and bring them closer to the Kingdom of God.


Our Bangladesh team were out distributing GRN recordings recently. A priest was attacked and badly injured while they were in the area. He is believed to have been targeted because he is a Christian. We received an email asking for prayer. Christian groups in Bangladesh are being threatened with violence regularly and many Christians are afraid. Our team stayed and finished their work.

Please pray that God would use the resources distributed for his glory.


In many ways India's blockade of Nepal is making people's lives more difficult than the earthquake did. As a result there is no fuel for either transport or cooking and people are in dire straits. The team is part of a huge multi-agency distribution program this year.

Please pray for effective distribution and for God's work in the hearts of listeners.


Our Pakistan team has learned the value of prayer. They are based in a city where Christians have recently been subjected to violence. When they go out to distribute recordings, half the team stays behind and dedicates themselves to prayer.

Please pray for our teams to be faithful and courageous.


Our Nigerian team is based in a city where terrorist attacks are a regular event. They go out on distribution drives and people can be too scared to receive them for fear that they might be wolves in sheep's clothing seeking death and destruction.

Please pray that the love of our people will not grow cold and that the love of Christ will compel them to continue in their work.


GRN does not work alone. We are part of the church and we work in partnership with churches, missions and individuals around the world, to provide resources to help God's children communicate good news to their neighbours near and far.

Please pray for us to develop good and effective partnerships both here in Australia and around the world.

Every Tribe...

We at GRN are excited by the promise of Revelation 5 that Jesus has ransomed with his blood people from every tribe, language, people and nation. We seek to tell the story of Jesus in every language confident that there will be speakers of every language in heaven, and that our mission is ever so clearly in God's will.

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